Isoprene Rubber

Isoprene Rubber

IR Series is a polyisoprene rubber with high cis-1,4 using Ziegler catalyst, its molecular structure and properties that are nearly identical to natural rubber.

IR features stable quality and is widely used in diverse industrial products, such as tires and belts, as a synthetic rubber alternative of natural rubber.

Item UnitIR70IR80IR80F
Mooney viscosity of crude rubber, ML(1+4)100℃65 - 7475 - 8475 - 84
Tensile stress 300%,MPaResultsResults
Tensile strength (40min)a, MPa≥25.0≥25.0Results
Elongation at break (40min)a, %≥450°C≥450°CResults
Volatile mass, %≤0.80≤0.80≤0.80
Ash, %≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5
Antioxidant 264, %Results


Tire applications:

The mixture of isoprene rubber and natural rubber in a certain proportion can improve the aging resistance and wear resistance of tires. When mixed with natural rubber as tread rubber, tire driving heat generation is low, reduce fuel consumption.

Medical products and others:

Used in the rubber products industry to produce hoses, rubber gloves, elastic bands, bottle stoppers, rubber shoes and other rubber products, with good versatility.