Petroleum Resin

C5 Petroleum Resin

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin ( Petroleum resin ) is low molecular weight, light color resin, is widely used in PSA, hot melt adhesives, rubber, hot melt road marking paint etc.

* C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Adhesive
* C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Road Marking Paint
* CPD & DCPD Hydrocarbon Resin


C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Adhesive

C5 aliphatic resins, are suitable for SIS, EVA, MPO, APAP, NR ect based adhesive, HMPSA, tapes and labels.

Item UnitCharacterSoftening Point°CColor Gardner#Melt Viscosity 200°C mPa.sMwTds
UCA100Tire & rubber/NR PSA97-1055180-250
UCA100LLower melt viscosity and lower VOC97-1044160-2002,600
B-1200SIS HMPSA, low noisy HMPSA92-964 Max801,600
B-1315Higher SP, giving better cohesion108-1184 Max5002,700
O-1310SIS HMPSA, excellent color resistance90-964 Max851,700
O-1102NR/EVA/POE/APAO Adhesive,
light color & low Tg
97-1054 Max1602,000
O-1098HMA, light color 97-1054 Max1602,000
O-1099HMA, medium molecular weight97-1053.51602100
O-1304SIS HMPSA, excellent color resistance97-1054 Max1101,900
Q-100Tire & rubber/NR or IIR PSA98-10232302,700


C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Road Marking Paint

C5 aliphatic resin with light color, low order, is designed for hot melt road marking paint.

Item UnitSoftening Point°CColor Gardner#Melt Viscosity
200°C mPa.s
Test MethodASTM E 28ASTM D1544ASTM D 3236
UCRP100L98-1024 Max180-210
UCRP100LS98-1023 Max180-210
R120097-1054 Max250 Max
R130097-1053.5 Max250 Max
UC49594-983 Max160


CPD & DCPD Hydrocarbon Resin

CPD & DCPD hydrocarbon resin is mainly used as reinforcing agent, tackifier & softener agent to improve the strength and wearing property of rubber.

Item UnitSoftening Point°CColor Gardner#Indene Value ( I2 mg/g)
Test MethodASTM E 28ASTM D1544ASTM D 1195
CPD510095-1103-7150 Min
UP-140131-14012150 Min